About Me

I have been programming since early high school, starting with very simple HTML/CSS, drag-and-drop Scratch, and code.org. My main plan was to study finance and become an accountant or financial advisor after graduating from high school; however, after the programming experiences I had, senior year I decided to study computer science instead.

I graduated high school in May 2014 as salutatorian and went right into college that same fall. I received an almost full ride scholarship to attend the University of Arizona. While attending university, I was blessed with being able to work as a mathematics teaching assistant and computer science section leader. I was also able to study a language that has always fascinated me: Japanese (スイカが大好きです).

My first summer, when I didn’t have work or classes, I developed an iOS app called Watermelon Free Fall. The inspiration to create this was free time, but also the semester before that summer I was part of the Game Dev Club. It hosted a Hackathon weekend, and from there my team and I continued working on this game for the remainder of the semester: Stellar Leap. Both projects were created using Unity3D. My last year of university, I was offered a software engineering internship where I could work while taking classes since the office was local. I graduated a semester early in December 2017 with a B.S. in Computer Science, minor in Mathematics, and took a full-time offer with the company.

Since then, I have visited Japan (for 2 weeks in 2018)! I’ve also continued to develop my professional skills, mainly as a backend developer using JVM technologies such as Java, Scala, Maven, and SBT. Nevertheless, I have continuously touched on more HTML/CSS over the years through personal website such as this one. I hope to one day replace this whole site with one I have developed from the ground up.